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Matthew Timothy - The One-armed Graphics Designer

Matthew Timothy - The One-armed Graphics Designer

Mathew Timothy's words: 
"Growing up; I never saw myself as being different from every other kid around, we'll until other grown ups started restricting me in some ways: 'you can't do this... You can't go there... You can't play like this...'; a way they feel they're protecting me with.

I'm not disabled, no I'm not. I'm just like every other normal person who can do what every other person is doing; no limitations at all.

I've painted school walls. I used to do realism pencil drawings. I'm now a graphics designer and branding expert via @wildoxmedia . I play table tenis and video games with pads, all with my single arm. Sometimes I think two arms are over rated, cos right now I don't think I have a need for a second arm; for what actually? All my life, it's been me rocking my one arm; proudly and efficiently."

"From the stories I was told (by my late Grandma), I was 13 days old when an old rickety cupboard fell on my left arm and crushed it. The doctors advised the arm be amputated. So, all my life, it's been me and my one arm. Initially it was strange seeing people with 2 arms because I could do all they were doing with my own one arm."

"Having a single arm off course came with its own challenges: growing up I remember making friends was difficult, as some folks looked at me like I was an alien or something. 😂 but I guess I was strong enough to push through and they had to accept the multi-talented one-arm guy afterall"

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