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 Yoruba Cookbook: 120 Recipe of Amazing Soups, Stews, Entrees, Side dishes, Puddings, Porridge, Snacks and Beverage
Ikogosi Warm/Cold spring in Ekiti State
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove Glory
Write up on Mágùn
ÀROKÒ (Yoruba communications by Symbols)
Oriki Igbo-Ora (Panegric/Eulogy of Igbo-Ora)
Yoruba Village Monument erected in East Port of Spain
Oruko Amutorunwa (Pre-Destined Names) In Yorubaland
Oba Adedokun - The Osun monarch who run a free school for the less-privileged. No School fees, Free hostel, Free food.
Archaeology of the Oyo Empire’s Sixth Field Season: A Summary
Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi: Fact you might not know about the Ooni of Ife
Yoruba Aphrodisiac and Herbal Recipe book
Asa Isomoloruko: Naming Ceremony Ritual or tradition in Yoruba Culture
The Richest “Babalawo/Ifa Priest” With High Fashion-Sense in the world - Babalorisa Paulo Ty Omulu II
Why Yoruba People call police "Olopà"
This City in Yorubaland Has the Highest Rate of Twins in the World
The first hospital in Nigeria was the Sacred Heart Hospital in Abeokuta in 1885
Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola was the first man to import a bulletproof car into Nigeria in 1964.
The First Storey Building in Nigeria
The First 3 Storey building in Lagos