What is “Arodan”?

What is “Arodan”?

In Yorubaland, there is this particular method parents or adults use to tell children away without them (the children) knowing, that is, when they begin to disturb or when their attentions need to be diverted.  

The method is called Arodan. It is simply put as the combinations of words that has Arodan in it. Job done!

It could be “Lo bami gba Arodan wa lowo lagbaja” Meaning; go and collect Arodan from someone.

The interesting thing is, it is like an arranged deal even though most times (if not all the time) it is unrehearsed. One might be in one’s room when a child pops up asking for Arodan, one simply knows they have been sent to remain with oneself for awhile. 

The delay techniques will then be employed to make sure the child is delayed no matter how eager or hasty they are.

 The Arodan sequence does not need prior arrangements or foretelling, one acts to the mention of it in all circumstances. For example, if a father asked his child to collect Arodan from the mother, if for instance the mother is occupied, she might redirect the accord to another person maybe the brother or sister who understands the maneuver.

Logically, adults in Yorubaland know this (as they had been played on) and won’t explain it to children because culturally, they are not supposed to know it, they learn its factuality when they grow so that they would play it on children in return.

I have got lots of elder siblings and I was a victim of this sumptuous game. It got to a point I annoyingly asked “what the s—t is this Arodan paapa”?

Truthfully, many people will testify to this that they were played too, it doesn’t mean they were dumb or retarded, it’s just a Yoruba thing. Yoruba custom is exemplary, a tradition that is second to none. 

By Bola Olalekan (A.K.A Bolingo Turary)

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