Oba of Lagos Palace, "Iga Idunganran," is a gift from Chief Aromire

Did you know that the land on which the Oba of Lagos Palace, "Iga Idunganran," is standing is originally owned by Lagos Island’s first inhabitant, Chief Aromire, who hailed from Ile-Ife and initially used the land on which the palace now stands as a fishing post and pepper farm? The origin of the land on which it is built informs its name. Iga, in the ancient Oyo/Ife Yoruba language, means royal home; Idun means land; and Igaran means pepper. Hence, Iga Iduganran means the palace built on a pepper farm.

Iga Idunganran itself was a gift to Oba Ado by Oloye Aromire, a white cap chief. He owned the land that the palace occupies to this day.

Photo credit: DNL Legal & Style

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