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Where the name "Ikorodu Oga" was gotten from?

Do you know where the name "Ikorodu Oga" was gotten from?

Ikorodu was a massive forest in the early seventeenth century, it was used for hunting by the Princes of Shagamu, precisely the children of Ọba Koyelu - The second Akarigbo of Orilẹ Offin. The eldest of them was Olusoga also known as Oga. Oga was said to be the most powerful and influential of them all. 

The Word Ikorodu is the shortened word from “Oko-Odu” which literally means Odu farm.

Odu is an extinct vegetables specie used for cloth dying, grew luxuriantly on this plateau, hence the early settlers found it convenient to name their new found settlement after this abundant vegetable.

With time, Okorodu changed to Ikorodu

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