Oba Oloyede Adeyeoba Akingahare II - The Youngest King in Yorubaland



Oba Oloyede Adekoya is a ceremonial ruler or monarch of the okeluse kingdom, Ose local government Area of Ondo State. At the age of sixteen, (16) he succeeded his father, the late Oba Akinghare 1, Adeyeoba omomogbe to the throne in 2019. He had been crowned king and traditional ruler of Okeluse at such a tender age, following the death of his father.
The kingship fell on Oba Oloyede Adekoya as the only son out of four children of his late father who was the monarch of the town. Since the tradition of the ancient town demands the first son of the monarch who passed on should automatically ascend the throne, the teenager was left with no option other than to become the traditional ruler of the town. He graduated from Greater Tomorrow International College in August 2022. 
He was crowned in the year 2019 after the demise of his father. He was appointed to succeed his father being the only male child his father had, in line with the tradition of his town, the first male child of the incumbent king is appointed as the successor as he was the last born and only male child with above (3) three elder sisters ahead of him namely; Princess Aderonke, Princess Adebola, Princess Anuoluwa and of course his mother is still healthily alive. 
Oba Oloyede Adekoya was born in the year 2003.

Kingship certificate: his coronation was done according to the custom and tradition of the kingdom in the year 2019. It took the Government two (2yrs) years before he was given the certification of recognition. (Really an ancient town that the traditions still exist).  

His Personal life: Oba Oloyede Akinghare II is still single but plans to marry more than one wife as his custom stipulates. His presently studying Political Science in a private university (Afe Babalola University) popularly known as (ABUAD)

Okeluse is a small community in Ose local Government Area of Ondo State. It has a population of about (1k) one thousand people and it covers an area of about 3,300km. Predominately, the place is dominated farming activities. The descendant of okeluse community migrated from Ise-ekiti in Ekiti State of Nigeria. 

Okeluse happens to share boundaries with Benin of which that is why they have similar cultural practices. Okeluse town has a large content of natural resources like Gold, coal, iron ore, lime stone, lithium etc. Okeluse is a very blessed town.

The Succession Dispute
Few centuries ago, there was a succession dispute during the death of Oba Ade Oba Iroko between two of his prince who aimed to be king at all cost. 

According to the Chief Olisa of ise ekiti, he said Okitiko happened to be the elder brother of Akintoore and according to tradition; the eldest should assume the throne of his ancestor. It was said that a younger one cheated on his elder brother and as a result of this he would not allow his younger brother rule over him and hence, he and his loyalist emigrated and settled in the ise ekiti and the remaining people decided to relocate to another occurrence according to history with the Oba of Benin which lead to the relocation of okeluse people inhabitant as shown to them by the Ajeran family (The hunters).
Making a visit to okeluse and Ise-ekiti would show you that they share virtually everything in common and have a representative of virtually every household in okeluse. They also share same street names and chieftaincy titles like they have their own Arujale of Ise-ekiti, Olisa of Ise-ekiti, Oba Ejin of Ise-ekiti and many others.
The okeluse community has three primary schools, a secondary school a maternity home, one post office, a police post and a general market that is being held every five days, where people from mother community like sobe, ute and ogbesedo come to buy and sell goods. Farming is a major activity in the community as they also have a very big forest reserve. 
The conversion of system of the community some years back brought the introduction of new business like opening of hotels, restaurants and beer parlor which has not been in the community before.

It is a festival that is being done with respect to mark the anniversary of the descendant of the village. They will all be dressed in white, both men and woman, dancing to their traditional fun fair music. The entire celebrants will be made to dance to the king’s palace where they will be initiated into elder hood. The IRO festival normally comes up every (4) four years.

His Royal Majesty’s work and Achievements

ESTAM University; this is a fast rising Pan African University situated in Cotonou, Benin Republic. The University is universally recognized for its pursuit for academic excellence and innovation with a purpose to raise Exceptional Leaders by delivering world class educational experience, and imparting their students with leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Oba Oloyede was given an award of recognition for his support, trust, contribution and dedication to the growth of the school on the 25th of October 2023.

Oba Oloyede Foundation; is a Private Charity Organization owned by His Royal Highness, Oba Oloyede Adeyeoba Adekoya, (Akinghare II) Arujale-Ojima of Okeluse. This foundation was founded by Oba Oloyede for the purpose of improving the standard of living of vulnerable individuals and communities by providing access to basic needs such as food, shelter, health care and education while promoting social justice, equality and sustainable development.
Oba Oloyede is presently working on the renovation of his palace and town at large. There are a lot of massive changes since he has attained the throne till now. 
The renovation hasn’t been easy for him as he would be glad if he can get financial support from loved ones, family friends and fans. As showing love and support is the best way to build a strong and stable connection with our loved ones.

His Future Plans

Working towards his foundation and he needs big business builders and investors to invest positively in his town.
    To attain this, financial support will be really appreciated and also, your investment counts. 

Oba Ojima 
Oba Oliyen
Oba Aperuwa
Oba Oyeluse
Oba Oyesewa
Oba Oyebogun
Oba Obasunloye
Oba Omaso
Oba Omaro
Oba Oyegbuda
Oba Akoroluti
Oba Oyesuru
Oba Orogbesin
Oba Adeoba-Iroko
Oba Akintore.
Oba Oyederu
Oba Ogbodun
Oba Obasoyen (1732-1831)-100
Oba Akenghare (1832-1872)-40
Oba Owasunloye I (1872-1918)-46
Oba Okuntimehin (1918-1955)
Oba Omomogbe Ojima (1955-2012)
Oba Adeyeoba (The Owasunloye III) (2012- Till date).

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